Solar Cell Testers

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Solar Cell Testers are integrated systems incorporating Solar Simulator and I-V Measurement systems. PET offers Standard and Advance IV Measurement software. PET Cell Testers are capable of measuring a diverse range of solar cell parameters such as Isc,Voc, Imax,Vmax, Pmax, FF, Rsh, Rs and η cell conversion efficiency, complete light and dark I-V curves. All that needs to be done to test a cell is to load the cell, make electrical probes contact and press “Measure” icon on the I-V Measurement System software. The software will automatically open the Solar Simulator shutter, perform the test and close the shutter after the test is complete. The design is modular in nature and can be easily upgraded. Some options can added at a later time. The CT series Cell Testers include Class AAA Solar Simulators and I-V System manufactured by PET. The system comes with an AM1.5G as a standard. Other AM filters are available. I-V Systems have a current range between 1A to 20A. Some of salient features of the Cell Testers are:

  • Fully integrated and automated systems available.
  • High quality Solar Simulator with computer control.
  • Solar Simulator has intensity measurement and feedback control for long term stability.
  • Flexible cell test fixture configurations, including optional cell temperature control (10°C to 70°C ±0.5°C or better).
  • True four-probe cell contacting technique.
  • Temperature controlled chuck with vacuum hold.
  • Multiple cell contacting probes for larger cells.
  • Systems equipped with advance I-V software have:
    • Intensity measurement and temperature measurement with the ability to normalize the data points to Standard Test Conditions (STC) or other user specified conditions.
    • Most powerful and advanced I-V curve software, including powerful curve fitting algorithms, with three (3) different curve fitting models and seventeen (17) different weight function models.
    • Ability to determine Thermal Coefficients of various cell parameters.
    • Virtual cell sorting according to user defined classifications.

Various models of the available Cell Testers are listed here. Customer needs to specify the solar cell size (area of illumination) and the maximum short circuit current (Isc) capability of the solar cell. Any of the Solar Simulator models listed herein can be integrated with any of the listed I-V Measurement systems with Standard IV Measurement software or Advance IV Measurement software. We can also provide custom chucks, usually at no extra charge.


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